Knowledge Base

Learn how to use the Azure Management apps.

Open the Profiles screen with the help of the Services panel
Connect Account - Select Profiles
Use the Add (+) Button to open the Azure Management Portal in Safari
Connect Account - Add New Profile
Enter your Microsoft Azure credentials to sign-in.
If you enabled Two-Form-Authentication, you will asked to enter your code.
Connect Account - Microsoft Account
Connect Account - Microsoft Account
Connect Account - Two Factor Auth
After you successfully logged in, you will be redirected to the Profile Download page.
Connect Account - File Generation
After your Azure Management Profile has be downloaded to your device, you will be asked to open it with an app.
Select the Azure Management App to complete the process.
Connect Account - Open in...
Connect Account - Select App
After the Azure Managment Profile has be imported successfully, your ready to use the app.
You can also add additional Azure Management Profile to your app with this process.
Connect Account - Completed